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Here’s What We’ll Do After the Paris Climate Summit Drops the Ball


No global agreement is coming to save the day. Our powers lie elsewhere, in our communities especially, and this is where we must take the battle.

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The Case That Blew the Lid Off the World Bank’s Secret Courts

TTIP fracking image 2

Reflections on the Water War to aid our current fight against TTIP and TPP.

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September 2014: International Climate Activism – The Second Coming

Dear Readers, Later this month dozens of the world’s Presidents and other leaders from across the planet will gather in New York for a special summit on the global climate crisis convened by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. On September …

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International Climate Activism: The Second Coming

26 deserto verde demo3

NYC – Lima – Paris 2015. How can the climate movement build strategy while the world refocuses on climate talks?

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May 2014: Climate Activism, the Case for Hope

Dear Friends and Readers, It has been a good while since our last Democracy Center Newsletter. Given the volume of material flying into our email inboxes every day, I think it is best to add to that only when we …

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Citizen Action on Climate: The Case for Hope

Credit: Emma Cassidy for tarsandsaction

Jim Shultz responds to a recent article about Paul Kingsnorth’s politics of climate ‘despair’, and makes the case for hope and activism.

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February 2013: Celebrating the Democracy Center’s 20th Birthday


Dear Readers, By my calculation this is the 95th issue of The Democracy Center Newsletter, a publication we started on a lark in early 1997 with a few hundred readers and which has grown in the sixteen years since to have more …

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How Do We Take Effective Citizen Action on the Climate Crisis? A Debate Across Three Continents


In December, I wrote an article that appeared in Climate Progress, Yes Magazine, AlterNet and elsewhere, which took a hard look at citizen action on the climate crisis.  The article raised some pointed questions about the value of global summitry …

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December 2012: Democracy Here, There, But Not Quite Everywhere

PPC coal mine

2012 has been a big year for the Democracy Center following our ‘relaunch’ in late 2011. Here’s a look back at our projects and publications from the year – and a heads up on what’s to come in 2013…

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October 2012 Newsletter: Real Democracy

Photo by Keith Bacongco

It begins after the votes have been counted.

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