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Communicating for Change: What the Democracy Center is Trying to Do


Communications Director Maddy Ryle has a chance to reflect on what effective communication means for the Democracy Center.

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Climate Change is About…Water. And Education


Climate change is incredibly complex. At the same time, it touches on the most elemental aspects of life on the planet, especially water. Our new teaching resources help educators tell that story.

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Getting Fracktion: Global Frackdown


An attempt at an overview of where things stand on the global day of action against fracking.

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Black October Memorial Recalls a Decade of Impunity in Bolivia

“Glory to our martyrs fallen in the Gas War!! Long live the city of El Alto” Mourners on the 10th anniversary of the Gas War visiting the graves of their family members murdered in September and October 2003.

Ten years ago this month Bolivia’s ‘Gas War’ saw more than 60 people killed at the hands of government troops. We report from the ‘Black October’ memorial in La Paz, where families were remembering victims and calling for the President responsible to finally face justice.

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Getting Action: Reclaim Power – Global Month of Action on Energy

reclaim power logo

Lucy Patterson of Push Europe on the thinking behind Reclaim Power Month, running until Nov 11th

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Getting Action: The Fracking Frontline in the English Countryside


Reports from the resistance camp in Balcombe, focal point of the fight against fracking in the UK.

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June 2013: Defending Democracy from a New Attack

Dear Readers, For two decades the Democracy Center’s work has been based on one fundamental principle: that citizens everywhere in the world have the right to influence the public decisions that impact their lives. That is what real democracy means. …

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Getting Action: Unfair, Unsustainable, and Under the Radar


An article by report author Thomas Mc Donagh on how global investment rules and state-investor arbitration undermine sustainable development efforts.

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From the Mines to the Streets: New Book on Bolivian Political Activism

Ben Kohl and Linda Farthing’s collaboration with miner and activist Felix Muruchi now available

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Getting Action: Climate direct activism – Just Do It!

UK Climate Camp activists find another use for a police van in central London

Inside the hidden world of climate direct action with film director Emily James.

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