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New Report: Movement Strategies for Moving Mountains


In a new report based on in-depth conversations with activists worldwide we explore opportunities for strategic climate action around COP20 in Lima.

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Getting Action Strategy Check: Confronting ‘corporate super-rights’ in the TTIP


Two seasoned campaigners look at the story so far in confronting ISDS mechanisms in trade deals like the TTIP.

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Getting Action: Strangling Democracy


How the TPP Extends the Tentacles of Corporate Power: trade deals and the threat that investor-state arbitration poses to democracy.

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Getting Action: Two Energy Futures

Which future do you choose?

Ruthi Brandt from UK Tar Sands network guest blogs on the possibilities, and implications, of our two Energy Futures – a special post for Reclaim Power! Day of Action for People and Community Energy Alternatives.

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Report: Unfair, Unsustainable, and Under the Radar


New paper sheds an urgent public light on the system of international investment rules and tribunals corporations use to undermine citizen and government action on urgent social and environmental issues.

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Latest articles from the Democracy Center

Credit: Mat McDermott

Head to our Media Center to find links to recent articles and blogs from Democracy Center staff on Think Progress, New Internationalist, Red Pepper, Alternet and more.

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Looking Back with Fears for the Future

A satellite image of Hurricane Sandy approachng the east coast of the United States

In the wake of election climate silence and a superstorm, Shawn, Leny and Aldo from the DC team reflect on their research with Bolivian communities impacted by climate change.

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Sources of Information on the TIPNIS Controversy


Here the Democracy Center provides our readers with a range of sources of analysis and reporting on the TIPNIS controversy.

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Some good news from the climate battlefield…

New Yorkers Against Fracking poster

Getting Action on Climate: An inspiring and, we hope, valuable series of profiles on global climate activism. Check the blog to find out more…

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Off the Market


As Brazilian forest policy comes under scrutiny during Rio+20, read how it plays out in neighbouring Bolivia

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