Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bolivia 2010: The Preview

Dear Readers:

You can breath easy again. The Democracy Center team is springing back into Blog mode after a well-deserved break for the holidays and the New Year. Here is a preview of some of the stories and events from Bolivia that are making news and that you can expect to see us writing about in the weeks to come.

Manfred on the Run in the USA

Different countries have different protocols for what becomes of the losing candidates following Presidential elections. Some stick around and become visible opposition figures, as with Senator John McCain in the U.S. Others seem to disappear from the political scene and surface again only as the answer to a trivia question. In Bolivia, the distant second place finisher in last December's vote, Manfred Reyes Villa, has taken the disappearing route – literally. The former Cochabamba Governor has evidently fled to the U.S. to escape trial on corruption charges. His backers call the charges a political vendetta by President Morales. His detractors say the vague charges of corruption that have always seemed to follow him finally have a paper trail. Stay tuned!

Evo – the Second Coming

On January 22 Evo Morales will be sworn in to his second term as Bolivia's President, with twin ceremonies at the ancient ruins of Tihuanacu and the capital in La Paz. Los Tiempos reports that the government has budgeted at least one million dollars for the ceremony, raising charges of an expensive coronation using funds that could be better spent elsewhere (my vote would have been for trash receptacles in Tiquipaya). Just to make sure our readers get their money's worth, we'll be there.

Elections Again – Really!

Bolivia just seems to have more elections these days that it does kinds of potatoes (and it has a lot of kinds of potatoes!). Just when you thought election season was over, guess what, we are headed into ballot mode here once again. On April 4 voters will go back to work once more to select the governors for the country's nine departments and mayors for Bolivia's cities. Local news has been full of the jockeying by various politicians as they position themselves to run. The most popular story – MAS' selection of 25-year-old former Miss Bolivia, Jessica Jordan, to be its candidate for governor in the department of Beni. We still await word on her qualifications, other than being much better looking than any of her likely opponents.

Coming to Cochabamba: Copenhagen II (sort of)

Dissatisfied with the progress made on global climate change at the recent international summit on Copenhagen, President Evo Moales has called for an alternative summit of developing countries and social movements here in Cochabamba in April. What will actually happen here and how effective it will be is still unclear. But maybe we can get delegates to chip in on those trash receptacles.

Water Balloons on the Loose!

Lastly, as a public service, we wish to remind our readers of the following warning: If you like to stay dry do not walk the streets in the center of Cochabamba for the next few weeks. Carnival is still weeks away but there are already water balloon sightings. I for one will be escaping next week for an unnamed location in Asia on a secret work assignment. However, I will return in time for Carnival's high water mark in Cochabamba in February and if there if there is popular demand I will consider making a return appearance on the balcony of the Democracy Center's office dressed as a nun on the day of the "entrada" parade. Maybe. Read here for more on Carnival in Cochabamba.

That's a look at what's coming to Bolivia in the next few months, and coming soon in more detail here on the Blog.


Anonymous AJ La Paz said...

You forgot to mention the imminent arrival of Evo Industries' Coca-Colla! Never a dull moment in Bolivia!

10:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's gonna be a busy year for yous, Jim.

4:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL @ Coca-Colla, hell I'll buy one (ducks)

Jessica Jordan a MAS candidate? That was unexpected. She runs around very privileged circles in SCZ but is really a very nice and down to earth girl.

I wonder how this will affect her modeling career, I don't think there's anybody in the Magnificas who is an Evo fan. I guess that's why Jessica never joined their group but does anyone know if Brenda Jordan (Magnifica) is her sister?

And what's the update on Marinkovic Jim. He's gone underground, did he leave the country yet.

4:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

JJ is who said the alti plano West were full of short,dark Indians while the east were whites and taller during a pageant a couple of years ago,right?
How did she get involved with the MAS crowd and what does she think of Beni agiculture and Miss Universe pageant held in SCZ?

6:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice summary, but now we have to add how Haiti will affect Bolivia. How long until Chavez and then Evo say that the earthquake was a CIA plot to move to put into action the recently re-established Fourth Fleet. Hopefully Evo will not follow Chavez blindly.

Without and opposition and with the US focused on Haiti, Evo and MAS have no excuses to deliver. State revenues should be ok, but don't expect any help from YPFB or other commodity exports. This will be the year EVO has all three powers under his thumb, but this will also be the year that the MAS starts to fragment at the local and regional levels. The opposition will still be MIA or non-existing outside of these disagreements within MAS comrades.

My cousin should and will not be prefecta for Beni and the Tupac Katari satellite won't fly until 2012

11:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

´...this will also be the year that the MAS starts to fragment at the local and regional levels´.
Gustavo Torrico was actually quoted in an interview he gave to the US? writer Ben Dangl as saying that now the push to change the framework of Bolivian politics had been achieved, this was the time for Bolivians to begin engaging in a full and frank debate about what kind of country they wanted to create for themselves.
And Garcia Linera was quoted this morning in El Deber concerning some fracas or other about mayoral lists in Montero, SCZ, as saying dissent is commonplace once political parties get to a certain size.He seemed sanguine to say the least.
It seems the MAS may actually be that mythical of creatures: a political party led by people happy to relinquish, or at least happily loosen, the reins of power provided their work isn´t dismantled.
So you´re on the same page about this, as senior MAS politicians are openly thinking and stating that the time of unanimity is passing.

11:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I too hope that Manfred Reyes Villa returns to his country. He has the opportunity to become the Nelson Mandela of Bolivia and expose the racist fascist Bolivian government.

Just as the white South African government accused the negro Mandela of being a violent corrupt communist, the racist Bolivian government accuses the blanco Reyes Villa of being a corrupt capitalist.

By the way, Banzer was rewarded by the Bolivian people by democratically electing him in the late 90s.

9:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Naturally Manfred will become the "gusano" exile in Miami receiving millions of dollars from the fake fronts that the Company In Action creates. Billions of funds to the worms but after 51 years the so called "freedom figthers" (what a joke) enjoy richer and more powerful as ever in the sewers of Miami. La cloaca de Latino America has gain another infamous member, Manfred joining Zorro Sanchez, and the thousands of crooks enjoying the fraud and abuse of countries like Bolivia. Manfred is not stupid, he was a born crook.

Life continues, carnival, elections, global warming, Avatar; so much fun, so little time. Poverty corrupcion, racism; it feels so much like the previous years.

9:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I too hope that Manfred Reyes Villa returns to his country. He has the opportunity to become the Nelson Mandela of Bolivia and expose the racist fascist Bolivian government.

Just as the white South African government accused the negro Mandela of being a violent corrupt communist, the racist Bolivian government accuses the blanco Reyes Villa of being a corrupt capitalist.

Holy shit. Eff this, I'm goin for a beer...

10:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Manfred Reyes and all the other corrupted crooks left the country is obviously because they are guilty.

Now they claim political persecution to obtain visas as persecuted politcal refugees. They will then play the game as "freedom figthers" like the cuba-worms from Miami who for the past 51 years have done nothing to change anything in Cuba. Why would they? It would be like killing the chicken who keeps laying gold eggs into their multimillonarie private bank accounts. That is what Manfred, Goni, Zorro, Chito, PepeLucho are trying to imitate quickly. Naturally the US as usual will out of naiveness believe or most likely conviniently finance and support groups like these.

On the mean time, life goes on, "Haiti dealt with the debil" said Pat Roberston on an interview. I wonder ....if the Clinton's are the future devils.

8:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bombis...Bombis, where to begin? We'll tell ya: Start by listening, and following those lawyers' advices as if they were Arce Malavida's, your real former boss. Ask them if that pearliferous white quote of yours: "As for accusations of my theft of the Bolivian people..." is not a pure and simple admission of wrongdoing, the likes of which are ever so rare here, that we must thank you for your candid acquiescence, in the name of both countries, for "coming clean" in the vulgar jargon that befits your sort. Get somebody to check that freudulent spelling of yours!-"servsant" yells of self-service like nobody's (Bom)bisness-, remember your very words on standing up to a Government which "merely wishes to prosecute" you, for such mere wishful trifle, couldn't beat your legal teams' wiles, paired to your charming, legal-bindingly concupiscent move towards sincerity.
Would you like to come to Texas to lecture? Before your return, please don't forget to pay us a visit, and anounce it on this blog, We'll get you a world-class forum, to dwarf anybody's in the local political arena.

4:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Agreed! Let's play them all though, since all three of Goni's ministers got themselves off the hook by claiming that the boss of them all was a certain "mister Mason", who disposed of the loot for the whole gang... Let's include: Who the hell is Senior Mason, and where too. We would appreciate your input for clues, can we call you Kickin'Dee? We are "La Peste Formica", or Pee Eff, pleased to meet you. As far as where Baranko is bound to creep up... a pilgrimage to Colombia/Medellin, is in due order, for it matches your upset special, virtually, and 'cause that little piglet needs to get himself some new goon-crew. The former uju-crew's disbandment towards sozialismus must have driven him bezerkobich.
Cheers and salutations EFI.

2:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Manfred didn't get away with the loot...I did....bottles and bottles of Vino Kohlberg and all of the Veneno CD's.....homeboy Manfred probably can't even dance Cumbia....

dame veneno,

9:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As certain as flies are attracted to cowpies, Morales opened his piehole urgently demanding an emergency UN Security Council meeting to reject what he calls the US occupation of Haiti.

Never mind the hundreds of millions of dead presidents and medical and logistical and technological aid rushed to Haiti. Or that government services essentially ceased to exist shortly after the earthquake and urgent security was needed due to marauding gangs and looters taking over the streets. Or that no other country or agency, be it UN, France, Venezuela, China ($1M in aid, woohoo!), or Bolivia is as capable or willing as the US to deal with these humanitarian disasters. Or that the president of Haiti and his countrymen begged for direct US intervention to pacify the streets.

No, this person, who has the IQ of a pesticide laden coca plant, simply for ideological reasons and using dying Haitians, chooses to excoriate the US for having the temerity of sending US troops to provide a semblance a security and insteads accuses them of being the start of a South American invasion.

To be fair, though, there are an abundance of these IQ types in Bolivia. It's just that Morales is the one that sticks out and stinks the most.

1:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It would appear, given the intermediary role that UN is assuming, in paying tardive lip-service to an indefensible military deployment, that at the very least, rather than take the presidential rubble by assault, a flamboyantly announced visit by UN Sec. could have done the trick, and puppie Preval wouldn't have to be made to ask, in such extemporaneous fashion for "security enforced" at this time, when the major drama of a preventable second tragedy, was hijacked in mid-air, as the planes of medical teams were denied access by military intransigent asininity.

3:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The President of Haiti and the UN specifically asked for US help and are grateful because the US has the most experience, equipment, and mobility handling these type of disasters. Besides, they don't need to be given medals or called "heroes" as other countries are desperate to proselitize.

Case closed.

1:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, right... Puppet Preval was mumbling incongruent wimperings about his lost house, lost property, loss of everything... blatantly shocked and understandably incompetent to articulate anything congruent at the time, he wasn't at all specific when he asked for the whole world to help. The very first plane to land with material and human aid in Port-Au-Prince was Venezuelan, shortly followed by the Cuban contingent.
The infamous "experience" of Katrina was the one kind of "handling" that everybody could do without; If you top that yankster-thrust on to their sheer ignorance of the local language, and their atavic disdain for the human condition of non-white profiles, there is no way in this world to defend that occupation, even if the island were to be rebuilt like a Dubai-replicca, for Bankey Moon to finally pay us a visit, and bid farewell to the Marines.

5:10 AM  
Anonymous PETER FALK said...

Thank GOD, that Evo Got the majority of the votes and he now has the chance to REMAKE BOLIVIA and CLEAN UP CORRUPTION.
Thugs like Manfred Reyes Villa, hopefully will NEVER set foot on Bolivian soil again, unless it is to go to JAIL.


Thugs like Manfred deserve to be off the streets but they will get their day of justice.....keep smiling Manfred you only last so long, in a MIAMI NURSING HOME FULL OF BED SORES.. I HOPE.

5:40 PM  

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