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Getting Action: Cutting Off The Flow Of Finance To Coal

November 2012. Direct action in Charlotte: four simultaneous lockdowns at Bank of America branches. Nine people arrested, including grandmothers Pat Moore (below, right) and Beth Henry. Credit: RAN

Thomas Mc Donagh examines the RAN-headed campaign that has seen Bank of America do a u-turn on coal financing.

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Getting Action Beyond New York: Shifting the Focus to the South


There is an opportunity afoot to strengthen justice and global South representation in the climate movement (and here are a couple of resources to help us do it)

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Getting Action: Strategic lines of ATTAC at the Summer University


Thomas Mc Donagh reports back from the ESU where solid strategies were both discussed and implemented.

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Getting Action: Climate Protection – The New Insurgency

Activists are enforcing – not breaking – the law when attempting to obstruct operations that destroy our planet, as Jeremy Brecher explains.

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Some good news from the climate battlefield…

New Yorkers Against Fracking poster

Getting Action on Climate: An inspiring and, we hope, valuable series of profiles on global climate activism. Check the blog to find out more…

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Getting Action: Crowdsourcing to the rescue! Looking for the Charles Lindbergh of sustainable development

lindbergh UNDP

The UNDP is challenging the world to find ways to develop sustainably. Can you help??

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Strategy briefing: the Keystone XL series

Anti-pipeline protesters circle the White House in November 2011 - credit: Ben Castle

Voices from across the anti-Keystone campaign share their stories, reflections and inspirations in our new strategy briefing – available to download.

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Getting Action: Citizens to Governments – Show me the Money!

budgets jpg

GA reposts Michael Lipsky of Demos on fiscal transparency and the open budget movement.

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Getting Action: Welcome to 2012

We wish all our friends and readers a very happy New Year. Read about what the Democracy Center has planned for 2012…

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Getting Action: The Art of Advocacy

advocacy empowerment sculpture 2

What does it take to change the world? The winds may be shifting but how can we harvest them, asks Jim Shultz.

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