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What does it take to get a government to move, or to make a corporation stop in its tracks? Across the world, in movements that transcend borders and in others that operate in a single neighborhood, citizens are engaged in the fight for social, economic, and environmental justice. What can we learn from one another about what works? Getting Action is the Democracy Center’s blog and forum where we look behind the scenes of current issues and campaigns, a space where we can debate strategy, swap lessons, and make all our work stronger. Tell your friends!

Getting Fracktion: Global Frackdown


An attempt at an overview of where things stand on the global day of action against fracking.

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Black October Memorial Recalls a Decade of Impunity in Bolivia

“Glory to our martyrs fallen in the Gas War!! Long live the city of El Alto” Mourners on the 10th anniversary of the Gas War visiting the graves of their family members murdered in September and October 2003.

Ten years ago this month Bolivia’s ‘Gas War’ saw more than 60 people killed at the hands of government troops. We report from the ‘Black October’ memorial in La Paz, where families were remembering victims and calling for the President responsible to finally face justice.

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Getting Action: Reclaim Power – Global Month of Action on Energy

reclaim power logo

Lucy Patterson of Push Europe on the thinking behind Reclaim Power Month, running until Nov 11th

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Getting Action: The Fracking Frontline in the English Countryside


Reports from the resistance camp in Balcombe, focal point of the fight against fracking in the UK.

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Getting Action: Infinito Gold and the power of mining corporations in a poor country like Costa Rica

Photo from

New on Getting Action: Broad social mobilization helped ban open-cast mining in Costa Rica. But a Canadian mining company is attempting to force over $1bn in compensation using international arbitration.

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Getting Action: Unfair, Unsustainable, and Under the Radar


An article by report author Thomas Mc Donagh on how global investment rules and state-investor arbitration undermine sustainable development efforts.

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How Do We Take Effective Citizen Action on the Climate Crisis? A Debate Across Three Continents


In December, I wrote an article that appeared in Climate Progress, Yes Magazine, AlterNet and elsewhere, which took a hard look at citizen action on the climate crisis.  The article raised some pointed questions about the value of global summitry …

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Looking Back with Fears for the Future

A satellite image of Hurricane Sandy approachng the east coast of the United States

In the wake of election climate silence and a superstorm, Shawn, Leny and Aldo from the DC team reflect on their research with Bolivian communities impacted by climate change.

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Getting Action: COP Should Set Carbon Budgets for Real Progress


Former UNFCC negotiator Nele Marien on something real that Doha could deliver.

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Getting Action: Dragging the TPP Out of the Shadows


Arthur Stamoulis of Citizens Trade Campaign asks why we’ve heard so little about the Transpacific Partnership – and points out what is being done to stop it.

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