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Blog From Bolivia

Bolivia, 15 Years on from the Water War

Gente enojada San Martín

Aldo Orellana on the Water War’s legacy in Bolivia fifteen years on.

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Black October Memorial Recalls a Decade of Impunity in Bolivia

“Glory to our martyrs fallen in the Gas War!! Long live the city of El Alto” Mourners on the 10th anniversary of the Gas War visiting the graves of their family members murdered in September and October 2003.

Ten years ago this month Bolivia’s ‘Gas War’ saw more than 60 people killed at the hands of government troops. We report from the ‘Black October’ memorial in La Paz, where families were remembering victims and calling for the President responsible to finally face justice.

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Sources of Information on the TIPNIS Controversy


Here the Democracy Center provides our readers with a range of sources of analysis and reporting on the TIPNIS controversy.

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The Blog from Bolivia Really is Over

This is (honestly) the very last post that will ever be published in the Blog from Bolivia. The Blog ran from 2004 – 2010. In the 600+ posts published in this archive you will find a wide variety of reporting, …

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An Open Letter to Our Friends About the Current Situation in Bolivia

Dear Friends, Over the past few days we have received many emails from friends outside of Bolivia, long-time supporters of the struggle for social justice here, asking for our opinion and analysis about the turbulent events of the past week. …

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The End of the "Blog from Bolivia"

Dear Readers: It was almost six years ago, in December 2004, that we began this “Blog from Bolivia.” Today is our last post. The Democracy Center, and I, first began writing about Bolivia a decade ago as the streets of …

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Rationalizations for Bigotry: A Recent History

1942 It isn’t that I think that all Americans of Japanese descent are bad people.  It is just that we are at war and can’t take any risk, so they and their children just have to be taken from their …

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A Day Without Cars

Hey San Francisco and Portland, hey Boston and New York.  Brag if you will of your new bicycle lanes and bike lending programs.  Boast of your Critical Masses choking the streets with two-wheelers and showing the car what’s what.  Look …

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New Documents Bring to Light the U.S. Role in One of Bolivia's Bloodiest Dictatorships

Readers: This week marks the anniversary in Bolivia (August 22, 1971) of the coming to power of one of the nation’s most brutal dictatorial regimes – the coup led by General Hugo Banzer.  Abroad the coup is a little known …

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An Activist from the North Looks at Bolivia's Social Movements

Readers,  Week after week a parade of foreigners comes through Cochabamba seeking some sort of wisdom about Bolivian “social movements.”  Academics, journalists and others come drawn to the sense that in some way Bolivians have taken democratic matters into their …

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