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The Purposely Confusing World of Energy Politics

Which future do you choose?

Today it is especially difficult for most people to understand our perilous global energy situation, precisely because it has never been more important to do so. Got that? No? Okay, let me explain

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Getting Action: Two Energy Futures

Which future do you choose?

Ruthi Brandt from UK Tar Sands network guest blogs on the possibilities, and implications, of our two Energy Futures – a special post for Reclaim Power! Day of Action for People and Community Energy Alternatives.

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Getting Fracktion: Global Frackdown


An attempt at an overview of where things stand on the global day of action against fracking.

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Getting Action: Reclaim Power – Global Month of Action on Energy

reclaim power logo

Lucy Patterson of Push Europe on the thinking behind Reclaim Power Month, running until Nov 11th

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How Do We Take Effective Citizen Action on the Climate Crisis? A Debate Across Three Continents


In December, I wrote an article that appeared in Climate Progress, Yes Magazine, AlterNet and elsewhere, which took a hard look at citizen action on the climate crisis.  The article raised some pointed questions about the value of global summitry …

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Looking Back with Fears for the Future

A satellite image of Hurricane Sandy approachng the east coast of the United States

In the wake of election climate silence and a superstorm, Shawn, Leny and Aldo from the DC team reflect on their research with Bolivian communities impacted by climate change.

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Getting Action: COP Should Set Carbon Budgets for Real Progress


Former UNFCC negotiator Nele Marien on something real that Doha could deliver.

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Some good news from the climate battlefield…

New Yorkers Against Fracking poster

Getting Action on Climate: We just published an inspiring and, we hope, valuable new series of profiles on global climate activism. Read the blog post and follow the links to find out more…

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Getting Action at Rio+20: Asking Hard Questions in the Marvelous City

Reflections from one climate activist on the role of summits like Rio and what else we need to be doing.

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Getting Action: Talking About My Generation

Chloe and fellow activists from the 'No Idling' campaign

20 year-old Chloe Maxmin shares her thoughts from a life already deeply engaged in environmental activism.

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