NEW PROJECT: Abundance for Everybody


The vibrant experimental community of the Casa de los Ningunos in Bolivia is exploring new forms of economic and social relations, from healing our relationships to the reciprocity economy.

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On The Ground And In The Boardrooms – Strategies For Connecting Frontline Struggles With Corporate Capture Of Climate Policy

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LATEST REPORT Corporate Conquistadors: The Many Ways Multinationals Both Drive and Profit from Climate Change

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Climate Change is About…Women


A multi-layered photodocumentary microsite exploring the interrelations between violence, resilience and climate change in the lives of four women in a peri-urban Bolivian community.

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Report: Movement Strategies for Moving Mountains


Based on in-depth conversations with activists worldwide, this report explores opportunities for strategic climate action around COP20 in Lima and beyond.

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Report: Unfair, Unsustainable, and Under the Radar


New paper sheds an urgent public light on the system of international investment rules and tribunals corporations use to undermine citizen and government action on urgent social and environmental issues.

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Some good news from the climate battlefield…

New Yorkers Against Fracking poster

Getting Action on Climate: An inspiring and, we hope, valuable series of profiles on global climate activism. Check the blog to find out more…

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Beating Goliath: free campaigner resource


Our resource for campaigners fighting corporate power

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The Network for Justice in Global Investment

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A joint effort by citizens and organizations across the world to challenge the unjust rules governing international investment

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New Website!!


Welcome to the new Democracy Center website. Launched in October 2011, the site reflects the evolution of the Center’s work over the last year or so.

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