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Climate change is the crisis of our age.  If we do not substantially alter our environmental and energy habits and do it soon then we will leave to our children a planet that is a far more difficult place to live, and more dangerous.  And for the generations beyond that the stakes are more dire still. More

1. Strategic Climate Activism

Support for activists to be more strategic, through hands-on workshops, collaborative projects and online resources

2. Climate Narratives from Ground Zero

Materials that lift up narratives from ground zero, targeted at helping activists, educators and others to communicate the realities of climate change and the stories of the communities that are building resilience in the face of those realities.

3. Reports and Analysis on the Climate Crisis

Investigations, reports and articles aimed at helping activists and others to be informed on the complex issues that surround the climate crisis.

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Fracking in Bolivia – the fracturing of Mother Earth

Original creative commons artwork by Jared Rodriguez for

This translated article from the Bolivian press sheds light on the current situation vis a vis fracking in Bolivia and Argentina.

COP20 Gender Day – What does genuine, legitimate participation by women look like?


Leny Olivera writing from Lima, where the Democracy Center is hosting a photo exhibition at the People’s Climate Summit, based on our photo-documentary Climate Change is About…Women.

December 2014: Citizen Action on the Climate Crisis – The Democracy Center Needs Your Help

samaipata 1 reduced

The December Newsletter is full of news about just-published projects and our activities at COP20 – as well as a request for help from you.

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