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Climate change is the crisis of our age.  If we do not substantially alter our environmental and energy habits and do it soon then we will leave to our children a planet that is a far more difficult place to live, and more dangerous.  And for the generations beyond that the stakes are more dire still. More

Climate Crisis Reports

A selection of original reports on climate issues from the Democracy Center, as well as links to climate reporting from other sources

Getting Strategic: News, Views and Debates on Climate Activism

A closer look at recent and current campaigns and the strategies behind them

Links: Climate Activism

Links to climate organizations and movements

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International Climate Activism: The Second Coming

26 deserto verde demo3

NYC – Lima – Paris 2015. How can the climate movement build strategy while the world refocuses on climate talks?

New Report: Movement Strategies for Moving Mountains


In a new report based on in-depth conversations with activists worldwide we explore opportunities for strategic climate action around COP20 in Lima.

Climate Change is About…Water. And Education


Climate change is incredibly complex. At the same time, it touches on the most elemental aspects of life on the planet, especially water. Our new teaching resources help educators tell that story.

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