Video: Seeds of Resilience

filmstrip_seeds_of_resilienceVersión en español.

In the rural highlands of Bolivia, climate change is already having tangible impacts on people’s daily lives. The ability to read and adjust to natural patterns is key to livelihoods based in agriculture, and unpredictable weather events and rising temperatures are forcing communities to reevaluate their relationship with the land and what it can provide.

As climate impacts continue intensifying, people are using a jigsaw of strategies to maintain their resilience to these changes and shocks. Maintaining a diversity of seeds and crops is a key tactic in managing the risks of unpredictable weather. The celebration of an annual seed festival, captured in wonderful color in the video below, seeks to give continuity to the knowledge and practices linked to seed diversity that have helped maintain society in the Andes over centuries – and which now stand their greatest test in the face of climate change.

Following a Democracy Center research trip to Norte Potosí, Bolivia, this short documentary Seeds of Resilience tells the first in a series of stories about Bolivian climate resilience strategies.

Este vídeo también está disponible en español. Mirar en Youtube.


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