Current Work

Here is an overview of some of the major projects the Democracy Center is working on right now:

Climate and Democracy

Climate change is the crisis of our age and democracy and citizen empowerment are the most essential tools that we have to address this crisis. The Democracy Center is dedicated to working with climate activists – locally, nationally, and globally – to demand clear progress. We are working toward the goal of effective citizen action on the climate crisis in three ways: by developing and publishing special reports on climate issues that help people understand the challenges before us; by serving as a catalyst for more strategic planning and action in climate campaigns; and by tapping into our global networks to link the efforts of people and organizations working on the climate issue worldwide. Read more.

Challenging Corporate Power

Modern corporations have an enormous impact on our lives. Their actions hold sway over our environment, our health, our pocket books, our governments and our culture. Changing corporate behavior is essential in a real democracy and throughout the world there are brave and amazing people breaking new ground on how to do that. The Democracy Center has long been dedicated to effective citizen action aimed at corporate power. We recently published a new citizen resource for corporate responsibility campaigns. We co-founded an international network of citizens dedicated to justice in global investment issues. And we provide advice and support to citizen action campaigns aimed at corporations.  Read more.

Citizen Advocacy

Citizen action is what gives real democracy its life.  All across the world, from village communities to national and international movements, people are ignited by a spirit of activism. The Democracy Center’s central mission, since its founding in 1992, has been to help people working for social, economic and environmental justice to be as effective as they can be.  We’ve done this through our programs of citizen advocacy training with thousands of activists in more than two dozen countries spread across five continents. Today we offer training and support to groups worldwide, from UNICEF leaders in Eastern Europe and Asia to environmental activists in Latin America and the U.S. We also offer our readers a free library of advocacy materials useful in workshops, campaigns, and the classroom.  Read more.

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