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Citizen action is what gives real democracy its life.  All across the world, in places as small as a village and as vast as a nation, people are ignited with the spirit of activism.  They rise to the realization that, “Something is not right here and I am going to do something to help make it right.”The Democracy Center’s central mission, since its founding in 1992, has been to help people working for social, economic and environmental justice to be as effective as they can be.  We’ve done this work with thousands of activists in more than two-dozen countries spread across five continents.   More

Materials for Effective Advocacy

The Democracy Center has an extensive library of advocacy materials developed over many years of training and projects. Many of these are available to download free here.

Thinking Strategically

Profiles of strategy in action and opportunities to share with and learn from other activists

People We’ve Worked With

Over the course of two decades the Democracy Center has worked with advocates from all kinds of organisations across the globe. Find out who.

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How One Urban Activist Community in Bolivia Thrives on ‘Abundance For Everybody’

A group of young Bolivian activists are exploring ways to build a conscious community and local economy in the world’s highest capital city.

Corporate Power Doesn’t Always Win: Remembering the FTAA

A decade ago, a transnational coalition beat back the largest corporate trade deal in history. Here’s what they can teach opponents of the TPP.

Ten Years After the Defeat of the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) – Lessons for Current Struggles

This month marks the tenth anniversary of the defeat of the FTAA. What can we learn from that victory and the subsequent corporate counter-offensive in Latin America for our current global struggles against free trade and corporate power?

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