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As a service to progressive environmental and social justice advocates worldwide the Democracy Center is happy to make available here a variety of free advocacy materials. These can be used as newsletter inserts, handout materials for trainings, curricula for university courses and more.


Advocacy Presentation

This ‘Introduction to Advocacy Strategy’ presentation has been used by the Democracy Center with all kinds of advocates across five continents – now yours to download.

You can complement the slides in the presentation with the materials contained in the documents listed below.



Advocate’s Toolkit: A collection of simple, accessible handouts

  1. Developing Advocacy Objectives
  2. Developing Advocacy Strategy
  3. Template for Strategy Planning
  4. First Steps
  5. Taking Action
  6. Resources and Gaps
  7. Partnerships
  8. Audiences
  9. Messages and Media
  10. Policy Analysis – A Primer
  11. Effective Organizing – The Key Ingredients
  12. Lobbying – the Basics
  13. Five Rules of Initiative Politics


Developing a Strategy – Advocacy’s Roadmap

This chapter from The Democracy Owner’s Manual brings together the Democracy Center’s years of experience teaching advocacy to social justice advocates. Further excerpts from the book are available, and you can also find links to purchase the book online.


Please feel free to make use of these materials as you need – our only request is that groups using this material should credit the Democracy Center and provide a link or reference to our website at

You might also consider making a donation to the Democracy Center to support our work.

Materiales en Español

El desarollo de una estrategia

Modelo básico de analisis de politicas publicas



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