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Over the course of two decades the Democracy Center has had the good fortune to work with and support a wide variety of progressive citizen action organizations, in the U.S. and across five continents. Here is a look at some of the groups we have worked with, including many with whom we continue to partner worldwide.

Our Key Partners

UNICEF: The global children’s advocacy organization founded in 1946 by the UN General Assembly to defend and promote children’s rights now operates in nations all across the globe. The Democracy Center has played a leading role in helping UNICEF expand and develop its policy advocacy work for children, assisting UNICEF offices from more than three-dozen countries worldwide.

The International Budget Partnership: The IBP works with civil society groups around the world to help citizens understand and impact government budget policies, a key part of the global fight against poverty. The Democracy Center has worked closely with the IBP since its founding, writing reports on issues such as Budgets and Human Rights and helping lead trainings and other projects in Latin America, the Balkans, Africa, and elsewhere. Read more our budget advocacy work here. 

Institute for Policy Studies: Since 1963 the Washington-based IPS has been a widely respected leader in campaigns for peace and social justice.  The Democracy Center and IPS joined together after the Cochabamba Water Revolt to help lead the global campaign that forced the Bechtel Corporation to drop its $50 million World Bank legal case against Bolivia. Today IPS and the Democracy Center work together on a set of global justice issues and are co-founders of the Network for Justice in Global Investment. 

The Transnational Institute: TNI is an international network of ‘scholar activists’ – researchers committed to critical analyses of global problems.  The Democracy Center collaborates with TNI as part of our work on corporate power and investment rules. We work together on the coordination of international research and campaigning in these areas, for example in the production of this educational/campaigning brochure on investment rules and arbitration tribunals.

Fundación Solon: Based in La Paz, Bolivia, Fundación Solon has worked since 1992 in support of a wide variety of economic justice and environmental campaigns. The Fundación and the Democracy Center work together on, among other issues, the crisis of global climate change, including documenting the experience of Bolivia as a way of raising global awareness.

Fundación Abril: This is the Bolivian civic action group that arose in the aftermath of the April 2000 Cochabamba Water Revolt, with ongoing projects aimed to deepen public participation in water issues and other matters of basic rights.  The Democracy Center has worked with members of Fundación Abril since the Water Revolt and in the fight against the Bechtel vs. Bolivia case.


What Kind of World Do You Want? – A Video for the UNDP (Europe and Central Asia)

For this video on UNDP’s consultations around the post-2015 development goals the Democracy Center used its experience in communicating advocacy messages to provide a resource which the UNDP could use alongside its consultation process.


Organizations We Have Trained and Supported

Since 1992 the Democracy Center has provided training support to projects and organizations across five continents, including those listed here.



 Eastern and Western Europe and the Former Soviet Union

Advocacy training with UNICEF in Geneva, Switzerland

Middle East

Latin America

United States (partial list)

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