Thinking Strategically



Across the world and across many different issues, citizen activists have many lessons to share about what makes advocacy effective. Join us here for profiles of strategy in action and opportunities to share with and learn from other activists.


Getting Action

What does it take to get a government to move, or to make a corporation stop in its tracks? Across the world, in movements that transcend borders and in others that operate in a single neighborhood, citizens are engaged in the fight for social, economic, and environmental justice. What can we learn from one another about what works? Getting Action is the Democracy Center’s blog and forum where we look behind the scenes of current issues and campaigns, a space where we can debate strategy, swap lessons, and make all our work stronger.


Citizen Budget Work

Few public decisions have a greater effect on people’s everyday lives than public budget issues. It is through public budgets that governments decide what kind of education they will provide to their children, what health care to their people, and how they will seek to bridge the gap between rich and poor with public welfare and other programs. Nevertheless, few public matters are shrouded in as much mystery and technical jargon.

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Owning Democracy: Thinking Strategy

Chapter Six from our book The Democracy Owner’s Manual –  ‘Developing a Strategy: Advocacy’s Roadmap’ – deals with the question: What is an advocacy strategy? It provides lots of useful, practical advice to advocates on how to plan and strategise. It is available to download here.

You can read more about ‘The Democracy Owner’s Manual’, and access further resources related to the book, by clicking here.

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