Worldwide Advocacy Training and Counseling


“With a mix of solid expertise and skilled training, the Center successfully crossed the lines of culture and language to help make advocacy understandable and enjoyable and to strategically strengthen our advocacy efforts in the region [former USSR].”

Roxana Bonnell
Open Society Institute


“In a down-to-earth and easily understood manner, the Democracy Center helped us to see that we are all advocates. The Democracy Center really helped us to formulate a vision, to believe in our own abilities and ‘expertise’ and gave us the tools to be able to help others to believe in themselves and to advocate for their rights in turn.”

Sue Ellis
International Relief and Development


Since 1992 the Democracy Center has led advocacy training and planning programs with thousands of people across five continents.  We’ve worked with immigrant groups in California, children’s advocates in Eastern Europe and East Asia, water right activists in Bolivia, health workers in South Africa, clean election campaigners in Mexico and Nicaragua, budget activists in Uganda, Brazil, and Croatia, Native American and environmental groups in New Mexico, women leaders in Tanzania, UNICEF leaders globally, and many others.


Advocacy training workshop with UNICEF


What our Trainings Cover

Our training programs, which can range from a half day to a week, cover a wide range of possible topics. Based on the Democracy Center’s award-winning advocacy guide, The Democracy Owners’ Manual, our trainings combine both skill-building and advocacy planning.  We believe that the best way to learn advocacy is to do advocacy.  Topics that we frequently cover in our sessions include:

  • How To Analyze Public Policy
  • Developing Effective Advocacy Strategy
  • Citizen Budget Advocacy
  • Organizing and Coalition Building
  • Message Development and Media Advocacy
  • Lobbying and Influencing Public Officials
  • Using the Internet for Effective Advocacy

Visit our library of free advocacy materials

See our free on-line presentation on Developing Advocacy Strategy.

All of our workshops are designed to meet the needs of the specific groups we work with and can be provided in either English or Spanish. We have also done extensive training of trainers work as well. Each workshop includes a comprehensive set of written materials for use by the participants.

For more information on our advocacy training and support work email us:


Advocacy Training Webinars

The Democracy Center also does advocacy training Webinars.  We hope in 2012 to begin offering these to friends and organizations around the world.  Keep an eye here for details later.

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