Why We Support Citizen Advocates

Credit: Tom Kruse

Citizen action is what gives real democracy its life. All across the world, from village communities to national and international movements, people are ignited by a spirit of activism. They rise to the realization that “something is not right here and I am going to do something to help make it right.”

The Democracy Center’s central mission, since its founding in 1992, has been to help people working for social, economic and environmental justice to be as effective as they can be.  We’ve done this work with thousands of activists in more than two-dozen countries spread across five continents.

Here we offer you a growing collection of tools and resources that have come from our work these past two decades.  You will find accessible handouts and materials on key elements of effective advocacy work, such as message development, media advocacy, coalition building, as well as information from our award-winning advocacy guide, The Democracy Owners Manual.  We also offer you a forum on advocacy strategies and information on some of the many groups we have worked with.

  1. Materials for Effective Citizen Advocacy 
  2. Thinking Strategically 
  3. People and Organizations We Have Worked With

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