Climate Change is About…

…Much More than Climate Change

Climate change is the crisis of our age, and it is about so much more than climate change. It goes to the heart of all issues around social, environmental and economic justice. It affects everyone and everything – while at the same time reflecting and exacerbating all the existing inequalities which people across the world are fighting against. As an international organisation, but with our feet planted in Bolivia, the Democracy Center is well positioned to connect local realities and resistance with the global community taking action on the climate crisis. Read on…

Climate change is about…impacts, causes and consequences

Materials from the Andean region on the complex nature of the climate crisis and its implications for human society.

Climate change is about…resilience and alternatives

Snapshots of local experiences and responses which contribute to the global process of developing more sustainable alternatives.

Climate change is about… taking effective citizen action

Resources to support the battles being fought at the grassroots level, as well as strategic solidarity within the broader international climate movement.

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