Northern Fixes and Southern Realities: Three Climate Policy Debate Primers

Resources to help explain the key climate policy debates and their implications for Bolivia

primers_coversThe policy debates around climate change can often seem overwhelming, especially to newcomers to the subject. Its all-permeating nature as an issue which affects everything and everyone is matched by the exceptional depth of complexity and technicality of the debates around it. Getting to grips with the different issues, dynamics and perspectives at play in terms of the ‘global North’/‘global South’ (or ‘developed/developing world’, or ‘rich/poor nations’) is also crucial to understanding these debates, and can be especially daunting. Bolivia, as a resource-limited country on the coalface of climate impacts, which has also taken quite a strong, often alternative, public stance in climate negotiations, makes an interesting and instructive test case for exploring this nexus of issues further.

To help citizens to understand the key debates and what they look like from a global Southern perspective, former Democracy Center researcher and climate negotiator Rebecca Hollender has written this set of three Bolivia Climate Primers. These ‘101s’ seek to help anyone who is interested get a better grasp of the basics of current policies and proposals on the table around mitigation, adaptation and climate finance, and what implications they have for Bolivia. We hope that you will find these useful, whether you are an activist, a student, a researcher, or just generally interested in the subject.

Primer One: Mitigation and Bolivia


This first primer – Mitigation and Bolivia – considers some of the key mitigation policies being proposed and where Bolivia sits in those conversations. It also looks at potential areas for collaboration between activists in Bolivia and the global North.

Primer Two: Adaptation and Bolivia

Primer2_Adaptation_coverThis second primer – Adaptation and Bolivia – looks at the current policy conversations around adaptation issues, including on how to prioritise and fund adaptation, and at the pressures to adapt which Bolivia is facing and how those intersect with these policy discussions.

Primer Three: Climate Finance and Bolivia

Primer3_Finance_coverThis third and final primer – Climate Finance and Bolivia – looks at the very thorny issue of who should and who can pay for climate mitigation and adaptation, the injustices of the proposals on the table, and the possibilities for Bolivia inserting itself into these debates.


There is also a Glossary of Terms available to accompany the series.

Download all three primers including the glossary as a .zip file.

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