What is climate change about?

Climate change is the crisis of our age, and it is about so much more than climate change. It goes to the heart of all issues around social, environmental and economic justice. It affects everyone and everything – while at the same time reflecting and exacerbating all the existing inequalities which people across the world are fighting against. As an international organisation, but with our feet planted in Bolivia, the Democracy Center is well positioned to connect local realities and resistance with the global community taking action on the climate crisis.

We seek to help people develop a deeper understanding of this complex issue by carrying out original fieldwork and research to communicate the impacts, causes and consequences of climate change. Climate change is about water – floods, droughts, melting glaciers. It is about the loss of livelihoods, and the pressures related to migration. Climate change is also about corporate power. We provide analyses and reports to help people grasp the power dynamics that lie behind the crisis and the false solutions with which corporate interest seeks to block the path of action for our common benefit.

Climate change is about building community resilience and shifting paradigms. Climate change is about women and the lessons their inequitable social burden can teach us about confronting the crisis. It is about resilient agricultural and community practices. By sharing realities, experiences and proposals from the Andean region, we hope to both strengthen solidarity between affected communities and facilitate exchange between those building resilience and alternatives across borders, without losing sight of the issues of vulnerability and the need for justice.

Finally, climate change is about effective citizen action in order to change these power dynamics, create public pressure for real action by governments, and pursue just alternatives. We believe that the most crucial and effective battles on climate will be fought at the grassroots level, and through hands-on workshops and resources we support climate activists to take more strategic action in those struggles. However we also recognise that there is an important role for the international climate movement to play, and we look to work with others to develop the power of solidarity to connect and strengthen the countless localized efforts to confront this shared global crisis.

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