Why We Focus on Corporate Power



Modern corporations have an enormous impact on our lives.  They hold powerful sway over everything from the air we breathe, to the jobs we have, to the safety of our food.  In many ways we are impacted more deeply by the actions of corporations than we are by the actions of our governments.

Yet, despite the heavy influence that corporations have over us, the political and economic rules give us remarkably little influence over them. Citizen action aimed at corporate abuses is essential in a real democracy and throughout the world there are brave and amazing people breaking new ground about how to do that. The Democracy Center has long been dedicated to effective citizen action aimed at corporate abuses. This includes helping to lead the well-known global citizen campaign that forced the Bechtel Corporation to drop its $50 million legal action against the people of Bolivia following the Cochabamba Water Revolt.

Whether you are a veteran campaigner on corporate power or just starting to think about it, we hope you will find the resources here to be useful and inspiring to your work.

1. Resources for Citizen Action on Corporate Power

2. Focus on Strategy

3. Corporate Campaigners You Should Know

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