Report: Movement Strategies for Moving Mountains

cover_English_webConversations with Activists Worldwide on How to Use Latin America’s COP to Build Citizen Action on Climate

(From the Introduction…)
Mobilizing effective citizen action on the global climate crisis has never been more urgent or seemed more daunting. Across the world’s continents, due to drought, storms and fierce flooding, 2014 may well be remembered as the year when climate change became understood as a current reality instead of a distant projection. This is also the year in which, after stalled progress and dashed hopes, activist energies are turning once again to the demand for international action. […]

To help the climate change movement look more strategically at how to make use of the COP gathering, we undertook a diverse set of exploratory one-on-one conversations. When you speak with people in this way, you not only benefit from the best of their thinking and analysis, you can also push them to think about things even more deeply than they may have before. Sometimes face-to-face, sometimes over Skype, expressed in different ways by different people, we found a strong collective wisdom about a potential set of COP20 strategies. This report offers our best effort to synthesize that wisdom into something people can rally around as planning gets underway for the COP in the Andes.”

pdficon_largeDownload full report: “Movement Strategies for Moving Mountains”


pdficon_largeDescargue el informe en español: “Estrategias de Movimiento para Mover Montañas”

International Climate Activism: The Second Coming
(Also published in Yes! Magazine)

Listen to Mario Murillo at WBAI speaking to Jim Shultz about the Center’s work with social movement struggles in Bolivia and beyond, and how the Climate March on September 21st marks a turning point for international climate action:

Join the strategy conversation during Climate Week in NYC

If you plan to be in New York for the Climate Week and People’s Climate March make sure to catch our director Jim Shultz at three speaking events:

  • Thursday, September 18th, 2:15pm: Brooklyn College
  • Thursday, September 18th, 7pm: Kolot Chayeinu Synagogue
  • Saturday, September 20th, 9:00am and 2:15pm: Climate Convergence Conference

Jim will be speaking about this project and report and make the case both for strategy and for hope – two key ingredients needed to help the climate movement move mountains.
Download PDF for details and follow @jimshultz and @DemocracyCenter on Twitter for the latest news.

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