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Put some voices to some names and hear Democracy Center team members talking about the thinking and motivations behind the articles we publish and the realities they hope to highlight.

Philippa de Boissière and Sian Cowman on The Dammed of the Earth: The Deadly Impact of Mega Hydroelectric Projects in Latin America

These mega-projects expropriate land, spoil environments, and pollute democracies. Berta Cáceres, a world-renowned environmental activist, gave her life resisting them.

Listen to the authors talking about the background to Berta’s assassination, and the human rights, climate, and even spiritual impacts of the regional-wide expansion of big hydropower. Lastly, they give clues to the routes of continued resistance and international solidarity.


Jim Shultz on The Pipeline Strikes Back: The Audacity of TransCanada’s $15bn Suit Against the US

This article was published in February 2016 in Yes! Magazine, Common Dreams and other outlets. In it Director Jim Shultz talked about how the Canadian corporation TransCanada is suing the government of the United States for halting construction of the Keystone XL pipeline in 2015, following the very well publicized protest movement against it. This lawsuit is made possible by a perverse system – Investor State Dispute Settlement – that gives superior power to corporations, allowing them to challenge sovereign decisions made by countries around the world.

In this 11-min podcast Jim discusses in more detail how corporations are increasingly using ISDS as a strategy to secure their economic and political clout, over governments and over the interests and wishes of the people they are supposed to represent.

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