The Democracy Center has a range of publications, online and offline, which have been produced with the aim of informing citizen action and helping activists to be more strategic in their work. You can access information on all of those via the links on this page.

Climate Change is About…Women

collage_squarePublished in 2015 this microsite presents a photodocumentary about four women living in the community of María Auxiliadora in Cochabamba, Bolivia. It opens up subtle and complex insights into the nexus of gender, vulnerability, violence and climate change, and it explores how modes of personal resilience can inform our understanding about climate resilience.

Corporate Conquistadors: The Many Ways Multinationals Both Drive and Profit from Climate Destruction

Corporate_Conquistadors English cover image-EN-cover

Published December 2014 this report shows how extractive industries cause damage on the ground, drive climate change in the atmosphere – and yet are able to push their own agenda through influence over climate policy-making processes.

Bolivia Climate Primers: Northern Fixes and Southern Realities

primers_coversPublished September 2014 this set of three primers is an accessible resource for understanding the key areas of climate policy debate and how they relate to Bolivia.

Movement Strategies for Moving Mountains

cover_English_webPublished August 2014 this strategy document reflects the thinking of 40 climate activists across the globe on How to use Latin America’s COP20 to build citizen action on climate.

Unfair, Unsustainable, and Under the Radar


Published May 2013, this paper demonstrates how corporations use the web of global investment rules and arbitration tribunals to undermine sustainable development.

Climate Change is About…Water

Both a report and a resource, this microsite is designed to help in understanding the impact that climate change is having on water systems – and what that means for people.

Off the Market: Bolivian forests and struggles over climate change

From August 2011, ‘Off the Market’ connects the dots between the global debate over forest protection and the complex realities on the ground.

Bolivia and its Lithium

Report from 2010 looking at the opportunities and challenges – economic, social and environmental – presented by Bolivia’s plans to exploit its vast lithium reserves.

The Water Revolt

Vast collection of sources, original investigation, commentary, media and other materials from the Cochabamba Water Revolt and its aftermath.

Deadly Consequences

The deadly tale of what happens when IMF theory becomes cold reality in a poor country. Published 2005.

More Bolivia Investigations

Visit our ‘Bolivia Investigations’ page for more reports from over a decade of reporting on Bolivia


Getting Action on Climate

Seven profiles of successful and ongoing campaigns to fight the causes of climate change and promote solutions to it. These attractive pdfs contain interviews with campaigners and analyze the strategies used and what makes them effective.

Climate Change is About…Water

This microsite, conceived and designed as a presentation-friendly tool, makes a great educational resource for those teaching about climate change, water and related social issues.

Free resource for corporate campaigners featuring case studies, analysis of strategies and tactics, and links to further resources. Published October 2011.


Taking Action on Public Budgets

Understanding how budgets work and what they mean is a crucial tool for policy advocates. Follow the links on this page to reports on budget work from the Democracy Center.

The Advocacy Library

A collection of free advocacy materials suitable for presentations, handouts, training and teaching.

Regular Publications

  • Getting Action
    Launched in October 2011 with posts from the Democracy Center and invited guests. Getting Action is the Democracy Center’s blog and forum where we look behind the scenes of current issues and campaigns – a space where we can debate strategy, swap lessons, and make all our work stronger.
  • The Democracy Center Newsletter
    Access all editions of our popular monthly email newsletter
  • Blog from Bolivia
    Archive of a decade of commentary from Jim Shultz and the Democracy Center staff on all things Bolivia.


Dignity and Defiance: Stories from Bolivia’s
Challenge to Globalization

From 2009, Dignity and Defiance tells the story of Bolivia’s citizen uprisings against the privatization of its natural resources and of how people have fought courageously to keep globalization from swallowing their lives and to make it work to their benefit.

Find out more about Dignity and Defiance.

More books from the Democracy Center.

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