The Initiative Cookbook

Recipes and Stories from California’s Ballot Wars

by Jim Shultz

“A must-read recipe for political junkies, initiative promoters and those interested in California politics.”
The California Journal

“A strikingly complete primer on proposition politics.”
The Los Angeles Times

“Two books in one – a step-by-step guide for those who want to write their own measure or fight one – a highly readable analysis for interested but uninvolved voters.”
Orange County Register

“What a radical idea – to tell the public what the high-priced consultants already know, about the public’s own way to make laws.”
David Roe, Senior Attorney Environmental Defense Fund, Author of Proposition 65


An analysis of California initiative politics, stretching across more than two decades and covering battles over health care, taxes, environmental protection, insurance, civil rights and more. A practical “how to” guide drawn from interviews with more than three dozen campaign leaders, journalists, consultants, pollsters and citizen activists. (110 pages)

Chapters on:

The History of the Initiative * Six Rules of Initiative Politics * Key Questions at the Start * Polling * Fundraising * Drafting * Signature Gathering * Coalitions * Campaign Messages * Media * Ballot Arguments * Mobilizing Activists * Campaign Leadership * After the Campaign * Behind the Scenes of Four Campaigns * Three Trends Reshaping Initiative Politics * Initiative Reform


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