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Saving Water – Saving a Way of Life


As agricultural communities across South America struggle to deal with the impacts of climate change on water resources, a cycling food activist provides some tales of inspiration from her journeys through the region.

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Getting Action: What Does Climate Change Mean to You?

People's Climate March

We were at climate mobilizations in five locations across the US, Europe and Bolivia on Sept 21st, asking people: “What does climate change mean to you?”

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Rio+20 and Green Economics

The DC team were in Rio. Here’s Jim Shultz on the ‘green economics’ debate.

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Getting Action: Keystone XL Denied, Big Oil Incredulous

Credit: Emma Cassidy for tarsandsaction

Details of the latest developments as the White House rejects the pipeline permit.

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Getting Action: The Democracy Center’s New Advocacy Blog!

Welcome to the new blog space and discussion forum. Join in!

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