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International Climate Activism: The Second Coming

26 deserto verde demo3

NYC – Lima – Paris 2015. How can the climate movement build strategy while the world refocuses on climate talks?

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Getting Action at Rio+20: Asking Hard Questions in the Marvelous City

Reflections from one climate activist on the role of summits like Rio and what else we need to be doing.

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Getting Action: Talking About My Generation

Chloe and fellow activists from the 'No Idling' campaign

20 year-old Chloe Maxmin shares her thoughts from a life already deeply engaged in environmental activism.

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Getting Action: Climate direct activism – Just Do It!

UK Climate Camp activists find another use for a police van in central London

Inside the hidden world of climate direct action with film director Emily James.

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Feb 2012: The Tricky Activism Politics of the Keystone XL Pipeline

Credit: Emma Cassidy for tarsandsaction

Our latest newsletter looks at the politics surrounding the Keystone XL battles – and what it will take to win the war in the long run.

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Strategy briefing: the Keystone XL series

Anti-pipeline protesters circle the White House in November 2011 - credit: Ben Castle

Voices from across the anti-Keystone campaign share their stories, reflections and inspirations in our new strategy briefing – available to download.

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Beating Goliath: free campaigner resource


Our resource for campaigners fighting corporate power

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