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Environmental Justice / Environmental Racism

A useful page of resources from on environmental racism, environmental justice, climate justice, and ways of working together. These include:

The Principles of Environmental Justice that were written down at the People of Color Environmental Leadership Summit in 1991 (También disponible en Español)

The Principles of Climate Justice that were drawn up in 2009 by the Environmental Justice Leadership Forum on Climate Change

Poor in Pennsylvania? You’re fracked. An article reporting on the disproportionate impacts of the fracking industry on marginalized communities in Pennsylvania, USA

The Jemez Principles for Democratic Organizing which were adopted in 1996 by the Working Group Meeting on Globalization and Trade in Jemez, New Mexico. They were designed to facilitate genuinely democratic practice and redistribution of power where people from different cultures, politics and organizations are working together. They remain a popular tool for activist groups.

The 6 principles are: 1 Be inclusive; 2 Emphasis on bottom-up organizing; 3 Let people speak for themselves; 4 Work together in solidarity and mutuality; 5 Build just relationships among ourselves and 6 Commitment to self-transformation.

This requires more than tokenism, it cannot be achieved without diversity at the planning table, in staffing, and in coordination. It may delay achievement of other important goals, it will require discussion, hard work, patience, and advance planning. It may involve conflict, but through this conflict, we can learn better ways of working together”

Explore the Environmental Justice Atlas