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Demystifiying Development Banks

In this webinar/presentation speakers from Human Rights Watch, Fundación para el Desarrollo de Políticas Sustentables (FUNDEPS), The Centre for Research on Multninational Corporations (SOMO), BothENDS and CEE Bankwatch look at how development banks function; the links between them and the threats to defenders; policies and complaint mechanisms; and advocacy strategies and campaigning around these issues. This is a very valuable resource for understanding the project funding cycle and the potential points of intervention.

“Back in 2015 and for a few years before that Human Rights Watch began to do some research to understand how widespread is the problem of reprisals against critics of World Bank Group projects. We knew of a number of cases where our colleagues had been under attack but we wanted to get a better understanding of just how widespread it is. We constantly hear from international financial institutions that actually it’s just a few bad apples, that there are a few remote cases where people are under attack or where projects have gone wrong. But we believe that it’s a much bigger problem than this – and that it’s all the more challenging within the closing space – the increasing attacks on civil society – to actually bring to light instances where people have faced retaliation because of their criticism, or in some way linked to their criticism of development projects that are financed by international financial institutions.” – Jessica Evans, Human Rights Watch

Access the slides only here.