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Vision & Mission


Our world today and all of us who live on it face a series of interrelated socio-economic, ecological and political crises that have put humanity’s future on the planet in jeopardy. Climate change is one of the most pressing symptoms of these crises – telling us that major structural changes are required urgently. In case after case around the world it is those least responsible for causing these crises who often face its impacts first and most profoundly. Meanwhile the economic benefits of these crises are concentrated in the hands of an elite and extremely powerful minority, who as a result have the least interest in structural changes.

The roots of these crises lie in the same logic of greed, exploitation and material accumulation that underpinned colonialism and slavery and now guides the race for control over the Earth’s remaining natural resources by transnational corporations. Meanwhile, racism, sexism and other forms of oppression sit at the heart of what it takes to carry out this ongoing destruction and exploitation.

We believe that a society is possible in which everyone experiences the social and economic conditions to live with dignity and with the possibility to participate in a genuinely democratic politics. Our vision is of a world in which exploitation of people and of natural resources for the benefit of elite minorities ceases to be the norm.

To achieve real and sustainable change, it is essential that we look at these structural issues through the lens of race, class, gender and other forms of oppression. To begin with, we must locate our own position within these destructive systems. And with that awareness, assume our responability to work in genuine solidarity to expose and dismantle them.


Through a combination of research and analysis, training and support, and active campaigning, the Democracy Center works internationally to strengthen struggles for social, economic and environmental justice.

Research and Analysis

Using solid, fact-based, work, we aim to unmask the sources of power that generate social and environmental injustice and to promote a deeper set of conversations about the structural causes of the manifold crises that the world currently faces. One of our major priorities is to deepen public understanding of how unbound corporate power drives a development model that undermines real democracy with devastating social, economic and environmental consequences.

Training and Support

Our print and online resources, as well as our workshops and webinars with activists and affected communities, focus on:

  • Providing strategic tools and resources to support grassroots struggles.
  • Deepening our collective understanding of the root causes of economic, social and environmental injustice and figuring out how to confront them.


Our campaigning work seeks to contribute to struggles for social and environmental justice in the South by bringing those fights to the seats of power in the North. Our positions as a bridge between North and South means that we can apply pressure in the North on those institutions and corporations most responsible for social, environmental and economic injustices.