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Bolivia and its Lithium

Can the “Gold of the 21st Century” Help Lift a Nation out of Poverty?

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Underneath Bolivia’s glimmering Salar de Uyuni lies the world’s largest supply of lithium, the metal that promises to change transportation as we know it. Governments and the auto industry are investing big so that some day soon electric car owners will be able to fill up their car’s battery at an electrical socket instead of filling up their tank at a pump. What this means for Bolivia is a lot of attention from potential investors who are vying for a piece of this strategic resource, giving South America’s poorest country an important opportunity to lift itself out of poverty.

For more than a decade, since its original reporting during the Cochabamba Water Revolt, the Democracy Center has been offering readers around the globe serious and independent coverage of Bolivia’s resource battles. In this 2010 report, the Democracy Center looks closely at the efforts of global interests to get their hands on Bolivia’s lithium and of Bolivia’s plans to exploit it for the benefit of her own people.

Drawn from more than three dozen interviews, with government officials, economic and technical experts, environmentalists, and members of the communities where the lithium resides, the report looks at the economic, environmental and social issues involved in Bolivia’s lithium plans.

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