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The Aymarazo in Peru

The Democracy Center is part of a campaign against the criminalization of social protest in the south of Peru, along with Peruvian organization Human Rights and Environment, Puno (DHUMA) and other Peruvian and international organizations.

In 2017, eighteen Aymara faced the final stages of criminal trials brought against them for participating in 2011 protests against mining in the region, protests known in Peru as the Aymarazo.

In 2017 we recorded this interview about the Aymarazo story with Radio Mundo Real. This video from Peruvian human rights organization DHUMA also has more information:

An international campaign, including an urgent appeal from the organization FrontLine Defenders, called for the aquittal of all of the accused. Seventeen were acquitted, but on June 28, 2017, Walter Aduviri was sentenced to 7 years in prison and a huge fine.

Now, in July 2018, we await the result of a hearing at the Supreme Court in Lima, Peru, which will decide the fate of Walter Aduviri and could have major implications for the criminalization of social protest against extractive projects in general in the country.

The campaign continues, with this sign-on letter on DHUMA’s website currently collecting signatures. We will update this page as the case progresses. Check the links below for more materials about the Aymarazo case.

Materials on The Aymarazo in Peru