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My Article in NACLA: Latin America Finds a Voice on Climate Change – With What Impact?

For those of you interested in the ongoing debate over climate change leading up to the next UN summit in Cancun in December, here is a link to my article published in the current issue of NACLA.

Latin America Finds a Voice on Climate Change – With What Impact?

The people of the planet, in fits and starts, are debating how to address a crisis that will come to affect us all—climate change. So far that debate has been dominated by wealthy countries and global corporations that oppose action that might impinge on their economic well-being. As a result, governments dance together from one global summit to another, never able to agree on any response with real teeth.

In April, a new voice rose on the climate crisis in the form of the People’s Summit convened in Cochabamba, Bolivia, by the country’s president, Evo Morales. At the conclusion of December’s United Nations–hosted summit in Copenhagen, Morales denounced the meeting for marginalizing the world’s most impoverished people and leaving countries like his dangerously exposed to the most dire effects of climate change. In Cochabamba, the people and movements that have been excluded from the global climate debate came together 30,000 strong—a gathering that included everyone from Bolivian campesinos to environmental activists from the U.K.

But the question remains how these demands will provoke any real change of course from the wealthy countries of the North.  Read the full article here.

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