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…Or, Could It Be Evo Morales in Drag?

I had to share this one folks. The Navhind Times (of India) has this headline and lead on its Web site today:

Bolivia Elects First Woman President

AP Santiago Jan 16: A Socialist, doctor and former political prisoner was elected yesterday as Bolivia’s first female President, defeating a conservative multimillionaire opponent in a race that reflected Latin America’s increasingly Leftward tilt.

Now, there are a couple of possibilities here. One is that Evo Morales has a surprise announcement in store for us next week, far beyond what any of us have expected (Really, as a news story, wouldn’t that beat nationalizing the nation’s gas ands oil?). Another is that the writer sort of mixed up Bolivia and Chile (which did elect its first woman president yesterday). That’s fair. I am guessing that a good number of Bolivians get India and Pakistan confused.

Personally, I am betting on it being a mix-up by the reporter. But, if not, maybe the pressure on Evo to change his wardrobe for the inauguration will give us the odd site of Mr. Morales in a broad Paceña pollera and bowler hat.
Now that would make front page everywhere.

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