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Rationalizations for Bigotry: A Recent History


It isn’t that I think that all Americans of Japanese descent are bad people.  It is just that we are at war and can’t take any risk, so they and their children just have to be taken from their homes and put in camps until the war is over.


It is not that I am prejudiced against Negroes; it is just that it will be disruptive to the U.S. Armed Forces to force soldiers to integrate in their battle units with someone of another race.


It isn’t that I am prejudiced; I just believe that we ought to respect private property rights and if someone does not want to rent an apartment to someone because they are black or Latino, that’s their business.


It isn’t that I dislike black people; I just think they ought to stick to marrying their own kind.


It isn’t that I think homosexuals are bad people, it is just that letting them marry undermines the institution of marriage for everyone else.


It isn’t that I am against Muslim people; I just don’t think they ought to be able to build a community center two blocks from Ground Zero; it will hurt too many people’s feelings.

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