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3CR Australia radio interview about the ‘Aymarazo’

In-depth radio interview on the history and current state of the Aymarazo conflict in Puno, Peru

In this in-depth interview with Melbourne radio station 3CR Democracy Center researcher and campaigner Thomas Mc Donagh lays out the history and details of the ‘Aymarazo’ conflict in Peru over the cancelled Santa Ana silver mine, including the Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) case which the mining company Bear Creek brought in the wake of the project’s rejection. He also discusses the ongoing court case against indigenous social leader Walter Aduviri and the international solidarity campaign looking to see his sentence retracted, and an end to criminalisation of protest against extractive industries in the region more broadly.

You can listen to the interview on 3CR’s own website here

3CR Australia radio interview about the ‘Aymarazo’
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