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The Blog from Bolivia Really is Over

This is (honestly) the very last post that will ever be published in the Blog from Bolivia.

The Blog ran from 2004 – 2010. In the 600+ posts published in this archive you will find a wide variety of reporting, analysis, commentary and personal reflection on globalization vis a vis Bolivian society, politics, economy, environment and culture. And Jim Shultz’s journey to work.

Use the Archive drop-down menu at right to search the posts by month.

And now for something…evolved. In October 2011 the Democracy Center launched its new website, a home for a set of new projects looking at Climate and Democracy, Corporate Power and Citizen Advocacy. Please take a look round the site and find out about our current work.

And the end of the Blog from Bolivia is certainly not the end of our blogging existence. Getting Action, our new blog space, is designed to serve as a forum for discussion between advocates of all kinds – somewhere to share our thoughts and ideas on how to make our battles for change more strategic and effective.

See you there!





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