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Volunteer and Internship Openings at The Democracy Center

They just keep showing up! For the past few years, The Democracy Center has been blessed with the arrival of one great volunteer after another. There were Caroline and Nick, two students from the University of Washington who helped do a lot of the research to make possible our report on the role of the IMF in Bolivia. Here’s a profile about them and their work with us in the Seattle Times.

More recently we had the era of Caitlin and Alex, two gifted young journalists who put together The Democracy Center’s new magazine, Jallalla. You can have a look at their fine handiwork here.

The Democracy Center is looking for a couple of great volunteers to follow in these footsteps. We need, for help in our office in Bolivia, people with a clear commitment to social justice, an interest in all things Bolivian, and gifts for research, investigation, writing and advocacy. We also have relationships with “distance volunteers” who help us with these things via the Internet from wherever they may live in the world.

If this seems like something that might be of interest to you, have a look at our Volunteer Page (here) for details and our application requirements. Many thanks!

What's Next?