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Jim Shultz on WBAI

Listen to Mario Murillo from WBAI speaking to Jim Shultz about the Center’s work with social movement struggles in Bolivia and beyond, and how the Climate March on September 21st marks a turning point for international climate action.

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Making the Case for Hope — and Strategy: Speaking Events during NYC Climate Week

People's Climate March

In New York for Climate Week? Jim Shultz will be speaking at three events and make the case both for hope and for strategy in the climate movement.

Getting Action: Strategic lines of ATTAC at the Summer University


Thomas Mc Donagh reports back from the ESU where solid strategies were both discussed and implemented.

International Climate Activism: The Second Coming

26 deserto verde demo3

NYC – Lima – Paris 2015. How can the climate movement build strategy while the world refocuses on climate talks?


New Report: Movement Strategies for Moving Mountains


In a new report based on in-depth conversations with activists worldwide we explore opportunities for strategic climate action around COP20 in Lima.

Report: Unfair, Unsustainable, and Under the Radar


New paper sheds an urgent public light on the system of international investment rules and tribunals corporations use to undermine citizen and government action on urgent social and environmental issues.

Some good news from the climate battlefield…

New Yorkers Against Fracking poster

Getting Action on Climate: An inspiring and, we hope, valuable series of profiles on global climate activism. Check the blog to find out more…

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