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Food Sovereignty – Participatory Video

Check these powerful testimonies from grower-activists across the globe, gathered for a conference on Food Sovereignty by the University of Michigan. Includes footage we submitted from the 2014 People's Summit in Lima, Peru.

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How Extreme Energy Leads to Extreme Politics

Relmu (with right arm raised) at a demonstration. (Photo: winkulnewen.com)

Authorities in Argentina and beyond are cracking down on indigenous communities that protest resource extraction — while re-writing laws to promote fossil fuels.

Saving Water – Saving a Way of Life


As agricultural communities across South America struggle to deal with the impacts of climate change on water resources, a cycling food activist provides some tales of inspiration from her journeys through the region.

Sowing Dignity in the face of Patriarchy and Climate Change, in photos


At the end of May 2015 the Democracy Center and women from the María Auxiliadora community in the Zona Sur of Cochabamba, Bolivia, organized a photo exhibition and speaking event under the title Sembrando Dignidad Ante el Patriarcado y el Cambio Climático – Sowing Dignity in the face of Patriarchy and Climate Change.


On The Ground And In The Boardrooms – Strategies For Connecting Frontline Struggles With Corporate Capture Of Climate Policy

Corporate_Conquistadors English cover image-EN-cover

LATEST REPORT Corporate Conquistadors: The Many Ways Multinationals Both Drive and Profit from Climate Change

Climate Change is About…Women


LATEST PROJECT A multi-layered photodocumentary microsite exploring the interrelations between violence, resilience and climate change in the lives of four women in a peri-urban Bolivian community.

Report: Movement Strategies for Moving Mountains


Based on in-depth conversations with activists worldwide, this report explores opportunities for strategic climate action around COP20 in Lima and beyond.

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